Prep Headmaster's Blog: I’ll do it in a minute…  

Another week of #FelstedatHome21 has passed by with some wonderful online teaching and learning taking place.  I have been in awe of some of the creativity that the teaching staff have displayed and the energy and resilience of the pupils with regards to their learning - a big well done to everyone!
Last week we engaged with Children’s Mental Health week which this year focused on “Expressing yourself”  I am very grateful to Mr Manley for providing the children and tutors with resources to focus on this very important aspect of our well being.  The children have been encouraged in their PSHE lessons to build their “gratitude attitude” diary which covers connectivity with each other, compassion and knowing that all things are possible.  I hope everyone has shown that gratitude and now feel that little bit healthier on the inside.
My assembly considered whether you have ever put off doing something that you don’t want to do, but know that you probably should? Let’s face it: we’ve all done this from time to time!
I challenged the prep school children if they had ever used any of the following phrases to buy themselves a bit more time because they had not managed to get started on something, or finish off something in time.

  • ‘I’ll do it later . . .’
  • ‘I was going to get started, but I decided to do ___ first.’
  • ‘Just coming . . . I’ll be there in a mo . . .’

All of these phrases are signs that we are procrastinating. Procrastination is when we avoid or put off doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline. It can involve avoiding getting started or avoiding finishing a particular task. Procrastination is a common human experience which occurs in relation to things we’d rather avoid, such as:

  • tidying a bedroom
  • completing some homework
  • having a difficult conversation with a friend or family member

It can seem like a negative trait, in that it prevents us from being productive and can lead to feelings of failure, inadequacy and guilt. However, to see what we can learn about procrastination I showed the children a clip from Bart Simpson! In this short video,see below how Bart demonstrates superb procrastination skills!


As we can see in the clip, Bart wasn’t overly wise about how he used his time, or what he told his teacher or himself.
What is our attitude to our time and the tasks that we need to do today?
Can we achieve a balance between friendship, chat and relaxation on the one hand and action and activity towards goals on the other?

What makes us more likely to procrastinate, and what can we do about it?
I think we will appreciate that we all procrastinate from time to time, some of us more than others! The key is finding a balance for our well-being-and expressing our feelings too.
Have a safe week
Simon James




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