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Prep Headmaster’s Blog: IAPS Heads Conference 2019

I recently attended the annual IAPS Heads conference in London. The week was full of listening to educationalists and taking part in various seminars on a whole host of wide ranging topics. As ever, it was a fascinating few days with the opportunity to also discuss “school “with other Heads.

It has given me time to reflect and return to FPS with some new ideas and thoughts to discuss as a staff, but also happy in the knowledge of what a wonderful school and children we have.

One of the best talks was given by Dr Nihara Krause, a consultant clinical psychologist, about supporting the mental health of children and young people at primary and prep schools. It reaffirmed what an important topic this remains but also made me realise how much we do at FPS to support everyone through our mindfulness programmes and the emphasis we put on well being.

We also discussed the role artificial intelligence will play in the future education of our young charges, as well as how the political landscape continues to dominate the country’s agenda.

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Hamlet, and his wife Kellen, from our Ugandan partner project to assembly recently. He thanked us greatly for our donation from last summer’s sponsored walk and explained how our support will really “make a difference”. Hamlet’s investment in education is built upon his dual experience, firstly of Uganda’s rural education and secondly, from his first-hand experience as a victim of a declining education system whose turning point was the wars that ensued from 1979. 

Having salvaged his own education with extraordinary opportunities that are not accessible to every child, he has committed himself to a life-long effort of providing effective education to Uganda and Africa’s children. This has resulted in Hamlet’s role in the creation of the system of education operating under CHIFCOD in Western Uganda. In partnership with a coalition of partners in the UK, USA, Germany and the Netherlands, Hamlet has established Kirima, Nyamirama, Nyakabungo and Rutenga Parents Primary schools and Great Lakes High School.

Simon James