Prep Headmaster's Blog: Happiness through Contentment

As we continue on this term and near the end of the national lockdown number two before returning to the constraints of Tier 2, I just wanted to praise everyone’s efforts here at school.  This whole journey is a team effort; changes have been made and sacrifices endured but it is the Felsted spirit that keeps everything going - the entire community embodies it.

In assembly last week my focus for the Prep School children was “Happiness through Contentment” - the idea of being happy and grateful for what we have (rather than what we haven’t got). Quite a difficult concept to approach in the midst of this pandemic.  I showed the pupils a series of emojis and asked them what emotion they thought each one was representing.  Much debate followed, as you can imagine, within form rooms as each slide popped up.  I challenged them to think of some alternative emotions and to draw them as an emoji for others to guess - I have received quite a few and I know of one tutor group who are preparing a presentation for me!  The use of the Felsted ‘crest’ as eyes was quite ingenious. 

My real aim was to ask the children to take time to think about the things that we are grateful for - to focus on being content with what they have, to think about the qualities in others that make them feel happy and good about themselves.  I also encouraged them to consider how they could reciprocate that for others and feel more confident about themselves. 

What can you be thankful for today? 

Have a good week.

Simon James