Prep Headmaster's Blog: Going the Extra Mile

I think we can safely say that winter ‘bit’ this week, although it appears, as a region, we have escaped the very worst of the weather - for now at least!

Assembly in the Prep School this week focused on the ‘Extra mile’, or more specifically, ‘Going the Extra Mile’ in life. The importance of service and developing character, that we hold so close to our provision here at Felsted, certainly engages the idea of that extra mile.

We discussed the extra mile, in terms of its literal sense, when talking about journeys that we make each day, month or even year. We talked about plane journeys (and long journeys in particular), before I showed the children a video of the shortest commercial flight in the world. It operates in the Orkney Islands from Westray and lasts 1 Minute 47seconds of flying time! I challenged the children to research the cost of this flight, which a number have done – there seems to be a number of deals out there!

Please view below ‘The Flight’ – there’s no time for drinks/meal service!

We then chatted about how, in life, we can go that extra mile in our daily lives – helping out with the dinner, supporting a friend when time is short or giving of your time to improve the life of someone else. I then showed them an amazing speech given by a young 15 year old Swedish school girl, Greta Themburg. She has a deep passion about the damaging effects of climate change on our planet. She has led student protests in Sweden and was then invited to speak at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland last year. Her speech is quite incredible, in the way she address the delegates and Heads of State. Her desire to make things better is infectious and I do urge you (if you have a spare 3 Minutes) to watch it, by clicking on the link below. The pupils were transfixed by her words, as she certainly went the extra mile. Watch Greta Themburg below.

We simply choose to go a little further, to do a little extra, to cover a little more...

It was wonderful to chat to a number of the Year 5 Parents last night at the Parent/Teacher meetings. I hope the feedback and discussions all proved to be very beneficial and thank you again for your support. Some other highlights of the week have been the magnificent Young Voices Choir performance at the O2, a victory for our KS2 General Knowledge team at the Regional Quiz Club competition, as well as a team of Year 8 pupils taking part in an Engineering Challenge at Anglia Ruskin University. It was a shame that the freezing conditions have prevented any sport this week, apart from an enjoyable swimming gala and more squash successes.

Tonight a few of us are heading into London for the TES Independent School Awards Ceremony, where we have been nominated for Prep School of the Year - a fine achievement in itself. The pupils and staff should be very proud of this given everything they do on a daily basis.

Have a good week.

Simon James


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