Prep Headmaster's Blog: 'Giraffes can’t dance'

Continuing our Felsted Values League-led chapel services this week, Lord Riche treated us to a veritable feast on Thursday when they presented their thoughts on ‘Fun’. As one of our core values, they entertained us royally by making us think about what having fun meant to them. As you can imagine, the answers were very individualised and involved a whole myriad of activities ranging from looking after pets to reading to skiing!

They then discussed the idea that, for a lot of the time, fun involves us sharing experiences with people, talking to them and supporting them. Secondly, it is about your choice and your decision - you determine how you want to have fun (and it may be different to others).

They then shared with us, through drama, the wonderful book ‘Giraffes can’t dance’, starring the Tall Giraffe, Gerald. He really wanted to join in with the other animals at the Jungle Dance, but everyone knows that giraffes can’t dance… or can they? Of course, what follows is a funny, touching and triumphant story about how Gerald finds his own tune and confidence. By the end of the story, Gerald delights in saying; ‘We can all dance when we find the music that we love!’.

It brought home the idea of individuality, of kinship and of course kindness - around the central theme of having fun in your own way. My thanks to Lord Riche and Miss Mitch for all their hard work in putting it together.

Away from this, it has been another very busy and productive week with some wonderful learning going on. I do urge you to sign up to our Twitter feeds to see this on a daily basis as we do endeavour to share our pupils’ learning with you.

There were a whole host of sporting fixtures to enjoy on with some impressive performances and results. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to our Pre-Prep pupils preparing for their League Music presentation next week - you are in for a real treat!

Enjoy the week.

Simon James