Prep Headmaster's Blog: Developing courage 

I continued my assembly programme this week with my focus on Clare Balding’s excellent book that I read over the Easter break.  This week’s message was about Courage.  We started by looking at what Clare felt that courage meant.  The word itself originates from the Latin word ‘cor’ meaning ‘heart’.  

Over the past year through this pandemic we have seen many examples of courage displayed in everyday life.  It also takes courage to stand up for what you believe in and to help protect other people and it also takes courage to search for better ways of living our lives.
Clare reiterates that the first step is to understand that it’s the small things we do everyday that make the difference.  All of us have courage deep inside us and she asks us all to build our ‘courage muscle’.  One of the ways she feels we can all do this is through visualisation - by painting positive mental pictures of things in your mind before they happen - that way when it happens in real life, you’ve already seen it occur successfully in your mind!  Give it a go.

Clare highlighted Adam Peaty - the Olympic champion and World record swimmer who, as a child, had a fear of water so much so that he wouldn’t even sit in a bath let alone have swimming lessons!

However, courage isn’t just about doing and achieving things for yourself, it's also about standing up for what is right - not pretending you haven’t noticed something or staying silent but making sure everyone and everything is comfortable and happy.  Courage has many faces and we continue to look to develop our young Felstedians in the right way.
Have a good week
Simon James


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