Prep Headmaster's Blog: Celebrating kindness

In assembly this week we thought about the meaning of the word ‘kindness’ and I  asked everyone if anyone has been kind to them lately. We considered the quote below; 

I then asked everyone if any of the children had done something kind for other people recently and this was duly discussed with Tutors in forms

Of course, the opposite of being ‘kind’ is being ‘unkind’. For example, being unkind could mean saying harsh words to someone else, laughing at someone if they get questions wrong in class or leaving people out at playtime.

Being unkind doesn't necessarily mean that what you are saying is incorrect. It can sometimes be the way in which we say something that hurts people. It is possible to be truthful and be kind.

Sometimes we don’t realise that what appears to be unimportant to us is actually very important to someone else. There is a saying, ‘Every little counts’. Sometimes, something little means a lot to the person receiving it. It might make their day!  There is another saying, ‘Charity begins at home’. This means that, although it is great to do good things to help those in the wider community, such as raising money for charity and so on, we mustn’t forget that the way we treat those closest to us is also very important.

There are many ways in which we can be kind.  For example

  • being friendly and helpful.
  • putting away our toys or our clothes.
  • making sure that we don’t leave anyone out of games during playtime.
  • holding the door open for someone.
  • smiling!
  • speaking politely.
  • showing respect.

We then considered other words that relate to kindness. For example, consideration, sympathy and empathy.  I then showed them the following cartoon which celebrates kindness and empathy beautifully!