Prep Headmaster’s Blog: Celebrating creativity

I am sat at my desk this morning reflecting upon a quite stunning Christmas Cracker concert, held recently at Felsted Prep School. Those of us that were fortunate enough to be there will agree with me when I say how superb the evening was. 

The diversity, talent and sheer enjoyment was a joy to behold. Whether it was the Steel Bands (including our very talented mums!), the Orchestras, the Jazz Band, the choirs or the Ensembles from League Music; we were treated to a real showcase of Felsted talent at it’s very best. 

I must praise the children’s dedication and commitment, as well as the staff’s led superbly by Mr Rees! However, the one thing that stood out in my mind, as I joined the parent’s with my tambourine for the finale, was the pure level of enjoyment and fun everyone was having. It is being said a lot that schools are stifling creativity at a time when it is needed the most (even the most watched TED talk of all time by Sir Ken Robinson stated this). 

Creative learners are curious, disciplined, resilient, collaborative and imaginative. We certainly celebrate creativity at Felsted and the Christmas Cracker Concert, in my opinion, a celebration of that very fact. As one parent kindly wrote ‘May I congratulate you all on a fantastic evening'. Another parent and I were marvelling at the talent on display’.

This will follow on in the next couple of weeks with the Year 3 and 4 Play ‘The Snow Queen’, our Stewart House Nativities and the Carol Service – exciting times ahead.

Simon James,