Prep Headmaster's Blog: A door of opportunity

As we reach the end of the second week of term,  I would like to thank the whole FPS community for your continued understanding. The staff and children have been amazing with how they have adapted to this new way of learning and teaching.  No-one has prepared any of us for this, but their resilience, endless energy and resourcefulness are inspiring - both staff and pupils. 
There are times in my life  when I’ve felt as if I were standing before a door that I could choose to open or not. I don’t mean a physical door. I’m referring to a door of opportunity. It might be the chance to do something new, a challenge to set myself, or an intriguing possibility to explore. 

Amongst these in my own life has been white water rafting on the Zambezi, taking a helicopter ride inside the Grand Canyon or completing a half marathon-all opportunities I had the privilege to experience which have left a lasting impression on me.(never again with the last one!)

Any one of us, when faced with a doorway of opportunity, is likely to find our minds filled with a set of conflicting thoughts and emotions.
We might be conscious of the practical implications of taking the opportunity. How will we get there? What will it cost? Do we have the time?
We will certainly feel the pressure that this might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If we don’t do it now, the chance might never come again.
Then there’s the risk. What if it all goes wrong? Might we regret what we’ve done?
If we’re fortunate, we will also have had some encouragement. We may have talked to others who have taken a similar opportunity or we may have carefully researched the details. But still the dilemma remains – do we open the door or not?
For all of us, there have been unexpected challenges to face during 2020. We have all needed courage to face many things. Now we have before us doors of opportunity in school that are totally unexpected!
Things are different; things may feel a little strange. Some of us will feel a little nervous . . . others may see these changes as exciting and even an adventure to tackle. However we are feeling, it’s important to remember that our feelings are OK and that we will move forward together as a school.
So what is your door of opportunity going to look out on?
Best wishes
Simon James