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Prep Headmaster’s Blog: A chocolate blog – how chocolate and values can go hand in hand

As we break for a very well deserved half term break, I decided to give a little socio-economic history lesson in assembly this week. A rather heavy focus I hear some of you say, however, it centred around chocolate, the life of the Cadbury family and the importance of turning our words into actions.

Now, I started my assembly by grabbing everyone’s attention with some pictures of some famous Cadbury chocolate bars, biscuits and variety boxes! We’ll all have our favourite, but mine is fruit and nut in case you were wondering! We discussed how Cadbury products are made at their facility in Bournville, near Birmingham. 

We were dazzled by the statistics that each day they produce five million bars of chocolate and the fact that, during just our 30 minute assembly over 7.5 million Cadbury’s chocolate buttons were produced!.

Why, you may ask, was I telling the children all these chocolate facts? The giving of chocolates is done all year round - sometimes as a way of showing that you care for someone. However, the act is not enough to show someone we care; we need to show this by our actions and words, too.

During the nineteenth century, the Cadbury family showed by their actions what they truly believed. They were members of the Society of Friends and believed strongly in values such as integrity, equality, simplicity, community and peace. They believed everyone was unique and this was to be celebrated. However, there were more than just values - they showed this through their actions too:

By 1900 the Cadbury estate included 330 cottages for their workers. They provided parks, recreation areas, schools, a swimming pool and a hospital for their employees and family members. Their emphasis was on respect for their workers.

We then discussed how we can all follow the Cadbury family’s example of being fair and treating each other the right way. The next time you eat chocolate use it as a reminder of these precious values!

I would like to wish everyone a restful break ready for the countdown to Easter and those chocolate eggs!

Simon James