Headmaster's Blog - Committed to Equality

Last week, I reflected on the murder of George Floyd, and considered what we might do as individuals to learn from this, and seek to make a difference.  I made an error in that piece in saying that Floyd had resisted arrest, for which I want to apologise.  This was based on a news article that I had read, from a normally reputable source, but has subsequently been retracted, after the video evidence showed that Floyd was cooperative and polite, as far as he was allowed to be.  This makes the events in Minneapolis even worse, if that is possible.  The school cannot change those events, but we are committed to learning lessons, and making changes to improve Felsted.  I have established an Equality Committee, with a wide ranging remit, that will be meeting in the next week, and reporting to me and the Leadership Team to recommend areas for action.  This committee includes pupils, former pupils and staff, and will be asking us to look at our curriculum throughout the school, our use of language, recruitment, guest speakers, behaviour policies and codes of conduct.  

We are totally committed to making improvements and to ensuring that the experience of every pupil at Felsted is the very best that it can be.  I am aware that this can be a challenging topic to discuss, and social media can make this challenge even greater.  There is a danger that some people will be anxious and fearful, but we have to be totally clear that all of us gain by having a society that has greater equality, and treats everyone with respect, and takes the trouble to know more about the world as well.