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Prep Headmaster's Blog: Change can do you good

With an ever increasing focus on how our world is constantly evolving, I thought it pertinent to focus our Prep school assembly this week around the idea of change; to reflect upon the benefits and the many challenges it can throw up.

We began by listening to the song ‘Everybody’s Changing’ by Keane (some of you may remember it?!) The lyrics of the song are about someone finding it difficult to adapt to the changes around them: people moving away or friendships changing for example. We then thought, as a whole school, about how change makes us feel - excited, nervous and uncertain were amongst the responses. There’s the excitement of trying or doing something new coupled with the fear of things being different. John Henry Newman, the nineteenth century Cardinal, once said ‘To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often’. This opens the debate about whether anything is actually perfection, but what it does stress is that change can help to shape us for the better, however it often takes time.

Following on from this we looked at the quote attributed to Ghandi who said ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world’. Quite simply, he means that change in the world starts with us. If we want positive changes to happen in the world, we must take action and change ourselves. As I sat watching the news over the holidays, about the devastating bushfires in Australia or the ongoing conflicts around the world, I was struck by the idea of a project for our pupils. With the start of a new decade, I have challenged them to research, construct and present a ‘change’ they would like to see in our world. Entitled ‘Be the Change’, I would like them to focus on identifying key issues and how to bring about a change for the better and to raise awareness. I have promised them prizes and further information/guidance next week. It is a purely optional activity but one I hope a lot will engage with, such is their level of interest and passion for their world and futures.

May I wish everyone a welcome Exeat. Remember the 3 Rs - Rest, Relax, Recharge!

Simon James