In Conversation with Bettina Hohnen & Dr Jane Gilmour - ‘Preparing for the Incredible Teen Years’

As part of Children's Mental Health Week on Monday 1 February we welcomed over 20 School Heads to a Felsted Webinar on 'Preparing pupils for the Incredible Teen Years'. Dr Bettina Hohnen and Dr Jane Gilmour, experienced psychologists and co-authors of the must read book ‘The Incredible Teenage Brain”, shared their research and gave advice on how science can help give guidance to Heads and teachers on managing both the pre-teen and teen years, particularly during this challenging Covid period. Chris Townsend and Simon James shared their experience to date, alongside insight from the audience which comprised of leading Heads from across the region.

Topics covered included phone use, sleep, risk taking, self esteem, confidence, friendships and the importance of social interaction. “Incredibly informative” and “it made a great deal of sense” were comments made of the conversation. Bettina and Jane have just sent their second book, ‘Incredible Conversations’ to the publishers, based on their recent research into the pre-teen years. All participants of the webinar received a copy of their first book ‘The Incredible Teenage Brain; Everything you need to know to unlock your teen's potential’.

If any schools would like to listen to the event recording, please contact Helen Dean on


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