Virtual Holiday

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Think of somewhere you'v never been before and put together the ultimate holiday package (you might want to think of it as the ultimate holiday persuasion device!). Build a scrapbook - real or digital - about where you could go, stay, visit, eat and a few phrases to help you get by.

  • Take a look at the Rough Guides online destinations page to start researching places you could go (they're even offering a free eBook at the moment!).
  • Once you've decided where you'd like to go, go on Google Earth (see left)or street view and take a virtual walk around the city. Look at the street signs, the names of cafes and shops. What is different? Is there anything you'd like to investigate further?
  • You can use Google Earth to create your project - add destinations and links and photos.
  • Research the various places of interest you could visit; there are lots of online tours available at the moment, for example: The Palace of Versailles has a great one or try these German galleries.
  • To get away from the computer for a bit you could draw, paint, model or build a famous landmark from your chosen country. You can also research its history and significance.
  • Put together a travel itinerary for a 7 or 14 day holiday, or even a 21 day one!


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