Year 8 Spanish Scavenger Hunt 

Report written by Beau P and Freddie WK 

¡Qué diversión esta semana en español! Lo hemos pasado muy bien. 

During the last week of the Spring Term we went outside in the sun and did a scavenger hunt which Javier (our Spanish Assistant ) had kindly setup for all of us. We went in groups of 2 or 3 and clues were given to us via a sheet of paper in Spanish with rooms or details for where the questions/answers were.


The first one we did was in the ICT classroom and we had to describe whether the nouns were masculine or feminine. We then headed over to the Ross Hall and what we had to do was correct the sentences. We then moved over to the rugby pitches where we had to describe what the boy in the picture was wearing. 

After this we moved over to the sports hall where we had to match up all of the sentences with the correct letters. We were then asked to go to the tennis courts where we had to work out the time and then write down the clock's time.

 Then we went down to the global classrooms where we had to find all of the Spanish speaking countries. It was so much fun and we really enjoyed going over our Spanish.