Year 5 & 6 Learn New Design, Technology and Engineering Skills

Year 5 have been introduced to the world of mechanisms, more specifically, linkages. By learning how to make a series of moving pages they are becoming aware of how motion can be redirected with simple linkages. Emphasis has been placed on problem solving in these initial lessons with limited instructions and encouragement given to take risks and try ideas out with the aim of building resilience and self reliance in lessons. Two great examples of this are shown here with Jenson P’s connected bell crank linkage and Dougie P’s incorporation of the bell crank linkage into a moving character from Pokemon.

Year 6 have been using an IsoSketch tool to help improve their understanding of designing in 3D. This tool is a work of genius, allowing pupils to construct accurate isometric cubes which can then be used to construct design ideas as well as existing products. The first series of lessons involves using tutorial videos and step by step instructions to draw real life objects such as dice, a bird house, a mug of coffee & a toaster, with some pupils even using their initiative to draw these objects in context, E.g. adding a slice of bread in the toaster. See the examples here drawn by Hugo S, Gavish S & Layla E. We then looked more at the ‘crating’ technique that pupils had used in these tutorial led lessons. Crating is a drawing method that involves using cubes to help structure drawings. In the latest lessons pupils have started to learn how the ‘crates’ can be used to create their own ideas such as the perfume bottle drawn by Eva R.

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