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Year 3 Visit Saffron Walden Museum

Year 3 Visit Saffron Walden Museum

Our Year 3 pupils enjoyed a wonderful trip to Saffron Walden Museum handling authentic ancient Egyptian artefacts learning about the mummification process. There were so many lovely photos taken of the day and these can be seen below. 



All of the Year 3 pupils were split into two groups and participated in an interactive workshop, where they were able to both handle and draw Egyptian relics and artefacts. This culminated in two very lucky pupils being ‘mummified’ in front of our very eyes! We learned about how organs were drawn-out from the body and placed into canopic jars and how bodies were prepared for the embalming process. 

All the pupils also went on an extensive tour of the museum too, exploring the Egyptian exhibits but also taking great interest in the other displays. The trip was completed with a visit to the gift-shop and the pupils really enjoyed spending their money and working-out the change that they were given, with the help of the shop-keeper. 

Please read the comments from pupils about the trip.


‘On Tuesday 16 January Year 3 went to Saffron Walden Museum because we are learning about ancient Egypt.  I am going to tell you about this fantastic museum trip.’ Matilda Mc 3C

‘The most interesting artefact I saw was the canopic jar lid because I was touching a real lid that was used for your insides!’ Evie K 3C

‘I liked it when we held the mummy beads because it gives you luck.’ Albie C 3C

‘I could not believe that I was holding 3000 year old artefacts!’ Annabella H 3C 

‘I enjoyed the museum because we saw a real mummified 8 year old boy.’ Cooper M 3C

‘I enjoyed mummifying the tomato whilst Alexandra was being mummified.  This made me feel very excited because it was like we were mummifying a real human.’ Hector 3C

‘I would recommend Saffron Walden Museum to my family and I would like to visit again during the holidays to show my Mummy the animals and the mummy.  I would rate the trip 10/10.  It was amazing!’ Theodora W-S 3C


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