Year 2 Launch Pirate Topic

Ahoy there!

Year 2 have quickly immersed themselves in their new topic - pirates!  The children were first introduced to ‘pirate patter’, which describes the phrases used by pirates. These proved both confusing and humorous for the children.  They learned that ‘cackle fruit’ means ‘chickens’ eggs’, ‘avast ye’ means ‘pay attention’ and a ‘salty sea dog’ is an ‘old sailor or pirate’.

The children then practised their performing skills as they learned a poem, which was called ‘Pirate Patter’, using actions. They worked hard to change their volume and intonation to add interest for the listener. Once we had practised the poem as a class, the children then took turns performing it to their partner, who then assessed it, telling them ‘what went well…’ and how it would be ‘even better if…’

The following day the children looked magnificent as they came into Stewart House dressed as pirates!  We were visited by Grey Beard and some very special helpers, who trained the apprentice pirates in all the skills and items they might need on board a ship.  Some of the activities completed in the morning were: making doubloons, catching rats, using a pestle and mortar containing charcoal and gum arabic to make ink for a treasure map, visiting the ship’s doctor, printing their own pirate flags, tying knots and making rope. 

Grey Beard and our special helpers then taught the apprentice pirates more skills, including: semaphore, how to load and fire a cannon and how to beat the adults in a tug of war! It was brilliant to spend a whole day immersed in what life would have been like as a pirate.