Year 10 Introduction to An Inspector Calls

Felsted’s Year 10 pupils were given a lively introduction to 'An Inspector Calls' - a set GCSE text for this term - as their teachers bravely staged the play's opening scene. 

The cast, Head of English Emily Predebon as the frightening Mrs Birling, Miss Sunshine as bubbly Sheila, Mr Crossley as pompous Mr Birling, Mr Catchpole as the dashing Gerald and Mr Borg as squiffy Eric. Mr Johnson delivered a brave turn as Edna the Maid, who was unusually strapping and bearded for a woman of her social standing.

After a 20-minute performance, the characters circulated among the pupils, who had a chance to quiz them about their lives and attitudes to the world in 1912, when the play is set. 

Mr Birling was confident that the Titanic would have a fantastic maiden voyage, showing just how much he knows! Pupils enjoyed the chance to get out of the classroom and hopefully, the event will make the characters more memorable, as they go on to study JB Priestley's play in depth.



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