Year 1 Launched into Space Topic

Felsted’s Year 1 pupils were immersed into a rocket day to 'launch' their space topic by an inspirational visit from the rocket design company Starchaser. 


The day was catered to inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists and space explorers! 

After an informative assembly about rockets and the forces involved in launching them into space, the young felstedians took part in a rocket building workshop, enabling them to experiment with Newton’s Laws of motion by building and flying their own compressed air powered model rockets. 

Later they came together for an exciting ‘show and tell’ activity containing a number of space related artefacts such as meteorites, astronaut food, Space Shuttle heat proof tile, rocket fuel and rocket construction materials. 

“The highlight was definitely looking round the 9 metre rocket that was erected in the playground!” comments Year 1 Felsted Teacher Helen Matthews. “This visit really helped to bring our 'Space' topic to life and provided the children with a first hand experience that they can connect to throughout the term.”

The day concluded with the launch of some model rockets, powered by real rocket fuel which flew hundreds of feet into the air before returning safely via parachute.

This experience was part of Felsted’s unique creative curriculum, centred around the belief that Children learn best when they don’t realise they are learning. That’s why most of their pupils' learning in Reception to Year 2 is topic based, through practical and purposeful play.


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