UK Bebras Computing Challenge 2019

by Mr Ashley Ross (KS 2&3 Lead Teacher of Computer Studies) & Ms Floriane Latulipe (Director of Digital Strategy)

All pupils in Yrs 5-9 have taken part in the UK Bebras Challenge during their Computing lessons. The challenge encourages them to think more logically about problem-solving. This fits in well with the current Computer Science scheme of work. Nationally, over 261,000 pupils took part this year at the various levels, which pupils were entered into three categories.

For each of the levels, the following percentage of students were awarded the awards described:

Award Castors (Yr 5) Juniors (Yrs 6&7) Intermediate (Yrs 8&9)
Distinction 29% 32% 26%
Merit 56% 60% 55%

For all three age categories, our students out-performed the National average. In addition, 38 pupils were in the top 10% nationally and have received an invitation to enter the Oxford Computing Challenge later on in the Spring Term.  The results have been collated for the first round of the competition and the top-scoring Senior students can be found below.

Years 8 & 9: Intermediate Level
This was the first year that we have entered students in Yr 9 into the competition, where they competed against the current Yr 8. The challenges were even greater, with a good understanding displayed by students across the two sites.

Student Average Scores:
Felsted: 88.4
Essex: 90.0
National: 85.0

Best in School: Poppy H. (Yr 9)
Best in School: Ambrose L. (Yr 9)
Top Performer: Tegan C. (Yr 8)

The Oxford Computing Challenge 2020

We are thrilled to announce that all of the following students have been invited to take part in the Oxford Computing Challenge in March as they achieved a top 10% score nationally. Computational Thinking is a key part of the GCSE Computer Science course and we hope that the following students will consider this subject for a GCSE option:

  • Yr 6: Dalen K, Hector L, Petra S, Edward D, Jake B, Lewis K, John T, Felix SO, Mylo M, & Violet N.
  • Yr 7: Oliver F, Harry R, Rudy C, Evelyn S, Francesca K, Lula R, Ellis O, Elizabeth P, Harry H, Kai B, Louis F & Meredith F.
  • Yr 8: Grace B, Thomas R, Ava R, Jasmine W, Tegan C, Johnathan G & Henry T.
  • Yr 9: Ambrose L, Josh T, Lindsay VV, Kimberley R, Max W, Poppy H, Finlay D, Guy M-J & Deborah A.

Finally, we would like to thank all pupils entering the UK Bebras Competition this year, and look forward to their future success in these competitions.


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