Translation Bee National Finals

On Friday 1 July, Grace M and Ellis O (Year 9) along with Violet N (Year 8) travelled to the University of Cambridge Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages.

Felsted pupils with their National Translation Bee Certificates

They were attending the National Finals of the Routes into Languages Translation Bee competition and competed in the semifinals against the other regional winners in their category: French for Grace, German for Violet and Spanish for Ellis. 

The pupils were accompanied by Miss Trucco and Mrs Hitchcock, who watched them compete and said it would be hard to imagine that anyone could speak faster with such good pronunciation than they achieved. In this competition, competitors are challenged to translate as many sentences as they can within a 60 second time limit from English into another language, scoring points for clarity and accuracy.


Following the semifinal round, the top four scorers in each language progressed into the Grand Final and unfortunately this is where the competition ended for our competitors, but, as ever, the immense enjoyment of this event rests in learning another language and the promotion of language learning skills. Whilst it is a competition and so naturally there will always  be a healthy degree of competitive spirit we were very proud that all three of our pupils upheld the ethos and the spirit of the occasion at all times. Well done!