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Toby’s Energy-Saving Invention To Be Made a Reality

Felsted Prep School pupil, Toby Stringer, is to have his invention built as a prototype by engineers at Kingston University after winning the Primary Engineer Young Leaders Award.

Toby entered the competition with his invention ‘The Electricity Trampoline’ whilst still in Year 6, as part of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) project. The design work for the competition was introduced in DTE lessons and pupils were encouraged to go home and research ideas that could make a difference in the world.
They also had opportunities to meet real engineers and interview them. Toby’s original and creative design focused on generating electricity from the energy created when jumping on a trampoline, an idea inspired by a trip to Jump Street Trampoline Park.
The build is scheduled to be completed by next July when it will be unveiled by the University as part of their Grand Award Ceremony. Toby will have the opportunity to work alongside the engineers developing his project and looks forward to watching the design become a reality.
I am absolutely amazed and really pleased that my idea has been chosen to be built. I wanted to design something that was helpful as well as useful and I cannot wait to get started with the engineers from Kingston University.

Toby Stringer.

I am delighted that our initiative to have real engineers come in to inspire our students has resulted in Toby coming up with such an inventive and practical idea. His product could really make a positive difference in the world.

Mr William Harding, Head of Design, Technology and Engineering at Felsted Prep.