The Cromwellian Magazine 2020

By Rakesh Pathak, Head of History

The History and Politics Department is pleased to announce the publication of this year's 'Cromwellian', our student-led History and Politics magazine,which is now in its seventh year. Ably mentored by Mr Maude-Barker, this year's editorial team, led by the tireless and dedicated efforts of Matt H, have put together what is undoubtedly the most wide ranging,scholarly and readable edition of the magazine yet produced. 

The range of topics covered is huge; from the historical context of the Black Lives Matter movement to the role of women in 17th century England, the history of the UN and a key battle in early modern Japanese history, to reference just a few!

The Cromwellian - PDF Download

There are also some perceptive and insightful film reviews, as well as an entertaining look at some of the best quotes from historical figures and common myths associated with our study of the past. All in all, the magazine has something for everybody and I would urge you to set aside some time over the coming week for what promises to be a splendid read! 

Well done to all those who worked so hard to put the magazine together last term and to the following who contributed articles: Matt H, Seb D, Tom C, Rebecca G, Jasmine I-S, Hugo C, Harvey A, Will B, Kit M-J, Thomas T and Cooper B.