The best pastoral care among all our partner schools!

“I have been deeply impressed by the outstanding way that Felsted has taken care of their international students during this pandemic. They have continuously provided the best physical and mental care to all their students who have been stuck in the UK due to the travel restrictions. Such care has never been interrupted, even when the school is officially closed. This has meant keeping boarding houses open and extra work for staff. All my students feel safe and happy and of course parents are so much relieved. The best pastoral care among all our partner schools!” Education Partner

“Felsted has given our Italian students the possibility to board at school during this difficult time of lockdown, offering families a very important opportunity and a great peace of mind. Compared to Italian students who have been locked down at home, students living at Felsted have been able to keep a social life in the boarding house, an important psychological help for students of this age. I am very grateful to the schools which have chosen to do so.”  Italian Agent

Making Pizza in the Boarding House!

Making Pizza!


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