Teen Tech 'live' Workshop

As an optional extension opportunity, Year 7 pupils took part in a live, interactive workshop to look at the history of gaming, creative roles in the industry, problems that need tackling (inclusivity, accessibility) and future gaming technology.

During this workshop, pupils learnt about different aspects of game design with some of the leading talents in the industry, including special guests from Ubisoft/Ubisoft Reflections (Just Dance, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Watch Dogs). 

They looked at current gaming trends and the technology that is pioneering the future of video games, as well as some of the issues the gaming industry faces. 

Students then had the option to design a game of their own, tackling some of the issues discussed and imagining how technology could drive new gameplay experiences.

We look forward to submitting some of the best the entries for the Teen Tech Awards.

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