Studying in an International Sixth Form: What it means to me

We asked two of our U6 Language Ambassadors to reflect upon how the experience of studying in the international environment of Felsted’s Sixth Form has helped to shape the person they are.


Zoia O

I am very proud to call myself an international student because I have the advantage of getting a better education, as well as observing and learning about different cultures.

Felsted has given me an enormous amount of opportunities to choose from, as well as a great variety of support and encouragement in activities such as Language Ambassadors and International Dinner celebrating our differences and promoting the benefits of knowing several languages and several perspectives.

My favourite part about being an international student is being able to share my cultural knowledge with those who surround me. One of the highlights of my time in Thorne House - a house full of international girls - were the nights when we would cook our cultural meals and learn more about each other’s traditions. Being international not only has enhanced my further curiosity for knowledge, but it has also provided me with the ability to be independent and dealing with unfamiliar situations on my own.


Maria T

Before studying the International Baccalaureate at Felsted I had been aware of the diverse student body that had formed the IB cohort through previous year groups. However only when starting the programme myself in 2019 I realised how vibrant and unique the Sixth Form body really was.

From the very start of Sixth Form I felt like I had been able to form strong friendships through various events and activities such as the IB induction, the International Dinner or the CAS project that introduced me to a lot of students on a very personal level. I believe the multitude of backgrounds and cultures that comes from the student body, and the close relationships between students but also staff really set our Sixth Form body apart from other schools as the environment makes the learning so enjoyable! Understanding different experiences or viewpoints both in and out of the classroom not only makes you appreciate a variety of cultures and traditions but also greatly develop your view on global issues and discussions - particularly important in studying the IB diploma.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my journey through the Sixth Form so far and I am truly appreciative of the experiences of studying the IB at Felsted overall. I would highly recommend considering the IB for anyone looking to study at Felsted for the Sixth Form as it does not only develop you academically, but more importantly as a person.



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