STEAM Pathway: Health Care and Sports Science

By Lois P, Yr 10 

Year 10 pupils were given the opportunity of having the Medical Mavericks join us for the day. Whilst one of the aims was to raise awareness of career pathways, it also increased our understanding of equipment used in Medicine and Sports Science. 


Students sitting round a computer in STEAM session for Health Care and Sports Science

We began our day with a presentation ‘Inside the NHS’ which emphasised the wide variety of careers within the NHS. It included live demonstrations such as the pulse doppler, use of ultrasound to  compare arteries and veins (vascular scientist),  using an ECG on a fellow student (cardiac physiologist). After the inspiring talk we split off into groups, the first session being Sports Science activities including reflexes, seeing how fast we could throw, jump, run; challenging world records and trying to beat other classmates.

We then moved onto Medical Science which included taking blood from a medical dummy, listening to our heartbeats and challenging ourselves practising keyhole surgery and suturing. We were also shown how much we were going to grow by using an ultrasound to check if the growth plate is fused or not fused. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and  I am very grateful for having the opportunity to learn all this new information. 

Some positive feeedback and comments from the day included;

"I learnt a lot about the equipment used by hospitals."

"I really enjoyed it and it was beneficial in teaching me new careers related to sports science and medical science."

"I was interested to see all the different professions beyond being a doctor or nurse."

"Letting us try out the different sections made it more interesting because it was so interactive."


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