Spring Term Boarders

Close to 40 international boarders returned to Felsted from 3 January to join the returners programme under the excellent care of the Felsted Summer School staff. Following the announcement of the move back to remote learning, many returned home, but a few have opted to stay on at Felsted.

U6 pupils Angelica, Gaia and Matilde tell us about their experience at Felsted below.

We originally arrived in the UK on 3 January as we were expecting to return to school normally. The lockdown was announced while we were staying in Follyfield and it caught us all by surprise, but from the beginning we had a really welcoming and supporting staff with us which made our stay easier.  During these uncertain times it was a relief knowing that the school was going to support us no matter what our decisions about going back home were. 

The staff have been absolutely amazing in organising activities, such as onsite ice skating and traditional party games, which gave us the possibility to try many different things that we wouldn’t have tried staying at home. In the evenings we had different movie and games nights, along with lots of yoga, baking and walks, which has made the stay in school really enjoyable. 

We have decided to stay at school during this time because we thought that Felsted was the best place where we could have had a proper routine and focus as much as possible. Moreover, all being in a bubble enables us to see the other people that are staying here with us and enjoy the nice atmosphere that has accompanied us since the beginning of our stay.




Another positive side of staying here is that we can access the school’s facilities for example the gym, keeping, of course, in mind the COVID rules.  

Furthermore since Wednesday we have been staying back in Garnetts which makes our stay even more pleasant as we have returned to our 'home away from home'. 

Boarding at Felsted 

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