Sixth Form Psychology - on the topic of Memory

It has been very useful for Year 12 Psychology students to explore the topic of Memory this term. In gaining a better understanding of how we remember and why we forget, they are building on their ability to learn in the best way possible. 

It has been interesting to hear the students earliest memories and for them to explore the limitations that exist in the storage of new short term memories through many practical activities in the classroom. 

As an application of this topic, they have explored the fallibility of the human memory when it is used in eyewitness testimonies. Whilst many court cases rely on eyewitness accounts, our young psychologists are now fully aware to be cautious about the credibility of eyewitnesses whose memories are easily changed. 

They have really enjoyed hearing the work of the key psychologist Elizabeth Loftus who demonstrates the importance of her work for the criminal justice system. See her TED Talk below

In studying the symptoms and causes of schizophrenia,Year 13 students have been able explore the many aspects of this condition and the treatments available for it. Much research in this area relies on twin studies and students have begun to appreciate the difficulties that exist when trying to draw conclusions from research using twins as participants who share both their genes and their environment. In addition to building students' understanding of issues with research methods, this has really opened their eyes to avoidable risk factors in the world around them that are associated with this condition.

Mrs V Smith, Head of Psychology