Science Practicals From Home

The Science Department have had a very busy and exciting couple of weeks in lockdown. We have found some interesting ways to teach scientific concepts whilst trying to keep an element of practical work going too. Science teachers have really embraced the new way of working and we have seen some spectacular engagement with the activities set.

We have been asking students to complete practical work at home, such as measuring the nerve pathway by testing their reflexes in Biology, making red cabbage indicators in Chemistry and playing with pendulums in Physics!

We have seen students building models with playdough, marshmallows or 'other items' they can find in their home. The models have been produced both physically and virtually. We have also seen excellent time lapse videos, which have been fantastic. Posters and various timelines have been created too! See examples below.

In the midst of trying to deliver the syllabus there has also been time for some Year 9s to complete the British Physics Olympiad - results to follow!

Milly A-G's Cabbage pH indicator test-

Rory A's Nucleus Physics animation-


Science at Felsted