Royal Holloway Psychology Competition

Whilst busy with studying A level courses and making preparations for the end of year examinations, some Yr 12 Psychology students have made the extra time to submit an entry to the 2021 Royal Holloway Psychology competition entitled: How can psychology help us create a better future?  This is a team competition where each team has to create a video, a separate poster with audio explanation and then have the opportunity to explain their research at the live competition event. Two teams from the Yr 12 Psychology students entered this year

Lydia T and Kit M comprised one team whose focus was on how psychology could be used to achieve gender equality. They considered the issues with the concept of ‘feminism’ and how its use has led to an erosion of its core meaning. Unpicking the psychological mechanisms at play, they made a case for the use of a new concept, ‘equalism’, to take its place in the drive for a world that gets closer to gender equality. A copy of their poster is here:

Rosie M, Emily G and Hannah K comprised another team whose focus was on how psychology could be used to reduce prejudice and discrimination. They considered psychological theories that could explain the foundations of the stereotypes that can lead to prejudice and discrimination, and demonstrated practical activities that could be done in schools to tackle prejudicial views and build understanding that all people are equal. A copy of their poster is here:

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