Roberts Academic Society - Enterprise Challenge

by E McLaren, Roberts Society Co-ordinator

The Roberts Society enterprise challenge saw students designing a healthy juice drink with environmental packaging that was economically viable and then present to our external judge, Mrs McArdle. Preparation involved doing marketing research, creating a saleable product and its packaging, designing a marketing campaign including an advert, and pitching the product.

Every group came up with wonderful ideas and we were even given tasters of the drinks: from Monty’s Magic Mix to Bebida de Vida to Fruit Bombs which were bubbles created out of a seaweed membrane to prevent plastic pollution. Students had really considered effects on the environment and thought very enterprisingly about how to look after the planet in their designs.

First place was awarded to Rainbow Rush (Hannah P, Mae P, Julia Z, Sachiko S and Bella W-K) as they had invented an entire brand that tied in USP, drink, charity and viability. Second place went to Vita Nova (Phoebe H, Tegan C, Melek S and Niamh S), who had thought carefully about the target market of women reaching the menopause and designed a juice drink specifically tailored to them. I was impressed by every group and feel encouraged that our enterprise future will be in very safe hands!