Remote Learning by Oliver B

Felsted’s Oliver B (Year 8) has written a piece about his first two week’s experience of online learning. 

We have now completed our second week of home learning and so far it has run smoothly.

From using google meet, the school has managed to create the effect of a classroom lesson, minus the social distancing, but from the comfort of my own home, something I am very appreciative of. My teachers are still there if I need them for help on a piece of work and I can also email them at any time. Miss Thorogood, my amazing form tutor, has adapted her classroom tutor periods to an online version to support us and check on us each morning, something I am very grateful for. I do actually miss seeing my friends but seeing them virtually, although not completely the same, makes it a little bit better. One of the main differences that sometimes makes it hard is the distractions that are caused by everyday life in my home such as the interruptions made by my two boisterous dogs when they want to play or bark at the front door!

Ultimately, I have enjoyed being at home for the past two weeks but I must be honest, I would like to be back in school. However I never feel stuck or alone as there is always a teacher happy to help and I know I have a strong support network around me.  

Felsted AT Home