Quiz Club National Science Championship

With more than 400,000 KS2 children taking part each year, the Quiz Club National Championships are the largest Inter-School competitions in the country. 

The National Years 5 & 6 Science Championship is an exciting and challenging way to broaden childrens’ scientific knowledge and provides a platform for our most able young scientists to showcase their abilities as part of a team representing the school.

From the Solar System to the smallest creatures on earth, from inventions that transform our world to science in our everyday lives, the quizzes engage, motivate and inspire children, encouraging them to explore science in a fascinating, engrossing and exciting way.

The competition runs across the country with Area Heats hosted by a professional Quizmaster and team members using a personal wireless handset to select their answers. The show is projected to a huge screen with instant on-screen scoring, making it very exciting for the teams.

The quiz comprises 40 multiple choice science questions, covering subjects such as human biology, astronomy, great inventors and inventions, physics, zoology, ecology, earth science, oceanography, geology, meteorology, botany and chemistry.

On Tuesday 19 November, our two Felsted Prep teams took part in the Area Heat of the Championship, held at New Hall School, Chelmsford. Our teams performed very well in the exciting and tense competition. Well done to Anna, Palak, Victor and Archie, for working so well as a team and for securing seventh position out of fifteen teams. Also well done to Dalen, John, George and Florence for their perseverance and excellent teamwork. They narrowly missed coming in second position, which would have secured an automatic place in the National Final, to be held at The Dominion Theatre in London’s West End in June 2020. 

We now wait to hear whether their score was high enough to secure a place in the National Final as the highest scoring runners-up!