Prep Boarding Blog: Knitting Club

It has been a fantastic start to the term for the Prep Boarders in Hamilton House. All the children have now settled into their morning and evening routines and are fully embracing the new changes within school and the Boarding House. We are very proud of all the children and praise them during this uncertain time. 

Our Thursday night activities are in full flow, including Chess Club, Knitting Club and ICT Club.

Knitting club progress by Leesa, Year 7 

In Hamilton house the girls have been working really hard on their knitting skills, this is the 3rd week now and it's really fun to be able to do it in a group. I have done knitting before on my own but it's just so much better doing it together and working as a team. 

We can all help each other out in case we accidentally drop some stitches or add extras in! It's such a great skill to have and is really relaxing after a busy day at school.

Boarding at Felsted Prep 


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