Prep Boarding Blog: Comfy beds and delicious breakfasts

This week we would like to introduce you to Andrews Dorm. Tia, Jemima and Lulu would love to tell you about their room…

When did you start in Hamilton House?
All - We all started in September 2020, so all really new to the experience. 

What do you enjoy most about boarding in Hamilton House?
Lulu - I like being with my friends and the Matrons on duty. I love Wednesday nights because they are really fun and we get sweets!!!

Jemima - I love the comfy beds, the delicious breakfast and being able to see my friends and share a room with them.

Tia - I enjoy chill in house, I love to  play bingo, and all the sweets we have on a Wednesday, especially the biscuits!

What is your room like?
Jemima - My room is really pretty and warm. I especially like the little bedside lights on our walls so we can read or chill.

Tia - Our room has 5 beds that are very comfy and we have a really nice mirror. We also have these pin boards by each bed that we can decorate however we want.

Lulu - My room is really cosy and I like the furnishings that make it cute and pretty. I love it when all of my friends are here and we all get to stay in the same room.

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