Prep Boarders Enjoy Range of Evening and Weekend Activities

Felsted Prep boarders are loving their new improved common rooms and have all settled into their boarding routines.

There is always an opportunity to 'chill' in House and take some time to Rest, Relax and Recharge. This is an ideal time to catch up on Revision, Prep or Reading.

Our boarders recently had the opportunity to invite their Tutors to come and tour the boarding house and see the childrens’ dorms; this was a lovely occasion as it is important to us that the children know that everybody is part of the Felsted family! It was also great to hear positive feedback from our Tutors who commented on how cosy the boarding house was.

Evening activities are now in full flow including Baking, Dance, Origami, Dodgeball and Board Games. Mrs Weston-Myers is leading our creative club and we are very much looking forward to seeing some wonderful creations over the next few weeks. Weekend activities have included trips to Laser Tag, Foot Golf and Thorpe Park theme park. Our full boarders have also really enjoyed joining the Senior boarders on a number of activities this so far this term including Oktoberfest and a trip to Adventure Island theme park in Southend. 


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