Our Shared Pandemic Experience

On Tuesday November 17, 2020, Phoebe H from Year 9 participated in a global student dialogue on “Our Shared Pandemic Experience.” Over 150 students from four different countries-- India, Mexico, UK, and the United States--attending 18 different schools all came together to discuss their perspectives on the following questions: 

  • How has the global pandemic impacted you and your school? What about your larger community or city?
  • What are some of the economic, environmental, and ethical issues related to this topic?
  • What can we learn about citizenship and leadership through these experiences and conversations?
  • What is the role you think science plays in your community, culture, or nation? How might this impact any efforts around COVID-19 vaccination? 

This virtual dialogue gave students an opportunity to learn how to engage in respectful dialogue, communicate across differences, and understand multiple perspectives around a complex global issue. The program was organized by the Global Education Benchmark Group (GEBG), a non-profit association of schools with global education programs, during International Education Week a joint effort of the US Department of State and US Department of Education to celebrate the benefits of international exchange.