'One Day Film School' for Year 9

On Wednesday Year 9 took part in a '1 Day Film School' in which they learned about the tips, tricks and industry secrets of film making, before trying these out for themselves. The pupils worked in groups that enabled them to meet new friends in other houses, and to develop collaboration and leadership skills. 

The most successful films were from groups who were able to develop their ideas having first completed a simple three-frame movie and getting feedback on what worked well, and what to improve. Pupils learned the need to give clear roles to each member of the group, and consider how best to translate a storyline into a short, 10-frame movie. Without dialogue and only music to accompany their film, the pupils had to think carefully about how to communicate in images rather than words.

The day finished with a world-Premiere viewing of all the films made before a winning group was selected to receive the Oscar. All in all, it was a fantastic event thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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