National Poetry Day 2020 - School Poetry Competition

By Mrs N Howorth, Librarian

The theme for the  2020 poetry competition was 'vision'. There was a very strong field of entries from pupils throughout the Year Groups and special mention should go to Millie A (Y9) Ruby R (Y11), Niamh L (Y11), Anna J (Y12) Daniel S O'B (Y13) for their excellent poems. 

However, the winners this year are Harry P (Y9) and Emily C (Y12). You can read their poems below.


By Emily C.

He is the light of my life, I know it to be true.
When I am alone at twilight, my heart yearns in the pale moonlight,
But when he comes back, the deep sky returns to a clear view.

I can hear the sirens, they sound like you
Singing sweet nothings, like birdsong in the bright
Winter’s morning, your eyes portentous blue.

My swan, I fall to pieces when I am with you.
You are my guardian, my protector, my knight,
Our love is still blithe when the world is against you.

You are my Heaven on Earth, I would do anything for you,
I know you love me with every beat of your supercilious heart, it is cold and white,
Gasoline in your hands, I make you mad, now you are fire, too.

You are the light of my life, but I’m tired of feeling like you're jaloux,
Who else is going to put up with me, my starlight?
You know I only belong to you.

You know Heaven is a place on Earth with you.
You hurt me but it felt like true love, I alight
From my high on your love, I need you, I breathe you,
I'll never leave you and I'm not afraid to say that I'd die without you.


Just Close Your Eyes for a Second
Harry P.

Just close your eyes for a second.
Imagine lying on the beach with the sun beating
down on you. The sound of the sea gently
brushing against the shore. The wonderful taste
of ice creams on your tongue.
We can’t do that just now

Just close your eyes for a second.
Imagine inviting your family over for Christmas
dinner. Pulling crackers and telling your silly jokes.
Opening the presents from Father Christmas and
your family.
We can’t do that just now.

Just close your eyes for a second.
Imagine having a party with all your friends and
family. No limit on numbers, everyone there.
Cake and laughter with your friends, just enjoying
We can’t do that just now.

Just close your eyes for a second.