National Careers Week - Team Work Challenge

To mark Careers week, Felsted students were faced with an unusual task for their Monday morning tutorials - a seemingly odd collection of golf balls, sticky tape, straws and paper were presented to students along with instructions to build a stable tower.

How stable? Well, this tower needed to support the weight of a golf ball and be steady enough not to collapse or topple! Felstedians were undaunted at this demand on their technical and team-working abilities first thing on a Monday, with many groups turning the challenge into a competition between tutor groups and many a groan and whoop filled the corridors!

The purpose behind the challenge was to engage students in developing certain skills, and while we’re not sure that many will make careers out of building towers from straws we know that team work, planning and a positive attitude (even on Monday mornings) are going to make our students more successful in the working environment.