My Experience of the Felsted CCF

by Louis S, RSM

For those who don't know, Felsted's CCF is the combined cadet force that runs every Friday after lessons, which is available to all students (male and female) from Year 10 onwards. I would like to explain a little bit about the CCF and what it has done for me. In Year 9 all pupils are given a brief summary of what to expect of the CCF during junior leaders and at the end of the year they are given the choice to join the CCF the following year.


I joined Felsteds CCF when I was in Year 10 and took an instant liking to it. You start off with the basic skills of CCF such as navigation, but soon learn more complex and exciting skills such as handling a weapon system and learning the fire and manoeuvre exercises.

When I joined, the RSM at the time was actually my brother George. This gave me someone to look up to and since that moment I decided that when the time came I would be RSM and lead the CCF. I spent the next four years of my time at the CCF attending every Friday session and exercises with full engagement so that I could make the most of the opportunity that I was given.


Finally I was awarded the position of RSM. Because of this it gave me the chance to live my highlight of my time at Felsted which was to lead the Remembrance Sunday in front of the entirety of the Felsted village and school which I have participated in numerous times but never yet led. Being RSM was the only goal I ever set in my mind for my time at Felsted so all my friends and teachers knew how much it meant to me when I achieved this. What was amazing about the experience was the support I received from all of the CCF staff and the old RSMs who sent me congratulatory messages.


Even if you don't achieve the role of RSM, the CCF still provides so many opportunities to its cadets. In my first year of CCF I won the prize for best cadet which highlighted the CCF’s value of all of their cadets, not just those at the higher ends. Furthermore, you can apply to the combat cadet team and if selected you will participate in the military ran cadet competition that runs over a weekend. I have had the opportunity to participate in this and in fact lead the team as IC. In addition to this, the CCF provided me with the chance to go on the 24 hour exercise and the range day which are the two CCF trips that are held every year. These exercises gave me an insight into firing with live rounds and learning numerous military skills such as battle strategies. I also attended the CCF’s week long annual summer camp which furthered my excitement of the CCF through its adventure packed activities including; kayaking, shooting and patrolling to which I would advise all cadets to go.


Because of my time at the CCF I came to realise that I could make a career of it and I am now in the process of applying to Sandhurst which is the military school to become an Officer in the British Army. I could never have gotten to where I am today without the help and support of the CCF staff. So to anyone who asks me what the CCF is like this is what I would say; the CCF is as good as you put in, if you put your heart and soul into the CCF you will be rewarded with opportunities of a lifetime that could end up leading you down a military career path like myself.