My boarding experience - Millie Yr 12  

When I first came here I did not know anyone since this is the first time I am enrolled in an UK school. I have never boarded either so everything felt very new.

I joined the LEAP week and that helped me to know my way around at least a bit before starting the new term. It feels very special to be here all week and being in this Felsted bubble.

Living together with so many girls is a lot of fun and I am feeling very comfortable here. Everybody has been understanding and supportive towards my English knowledge and is helping me develop my vocabulary further. There are quite a few internationals in the IB and since we all share the same experience of coming to Felsted from another country it is easy to find people who feel similar.

The courses are very interesting and I am able to handle them even as an international student. I do not feel like I have any disadvantages which is something I thought I would experience. The days are a lot busier than they have been at my old school and there is always something to do or a new club to explore. 

I am very content with my stay here so far and I am hoping to make a lot more memories over the next years. 

Millie, Year 12


Boarding at Felsted

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