Mindfulness at Felsted Prep, by Mrs Irvine Scott

Whether you are five or 95, there are times when we could all benefit from a helping hand of mindfulness to keep calm. At Felsted, we have been working hard over the years to bring mindfulness to children right across the school. It is deeply embedded into the ethos of our school and this is thanks to the hard work of many of our teachers. I started my mindfulness journey around 5 years ago and I have never looked back. I am not only a more efficient teacher, but I am also a lot calmer and a happier person from the inside.  My glass is always half full no matter how difficult my circumstances have been.  Mindfulness has helped me to live in the moment and enjoy life more. 

Even when life has been challenging, the techniques I have learnt have helped me to ‘dance my way through the storm’.  I appreciate that mindfulness may not be for everyone, but if the children in Stewart House have shown anything over the last term, it is the resilience and flexibility to cope with the most difficult of circumstances.  I couldn’t be more proud of them.  We all enjoy celebrating the children’s achievements and successes, but it’s supporting each other through the difficult times that we show our true strength.

Never before has it been more important to support the mental health and wellbeing of our young Felstedian’s.  Daily yoga videos, mindfulness moments and bedtime stories have become a familiar routine to our Stewart House pupils.  We have ensured that every moment counts and have never underestimated the impact these uncertain times may be having on our young Felstedian’s and their families.  So, I was excited to hear that CBeebies were launching a new mindfulness game focused on teaching mindfulness skills to very young children. The new game is called ‘Your Mindfulness Garden’ and has been launched in the CBeebies Go Explore app.  It encourages children to try different activities that teach focus, creativity and calm.

The game has been in the planning stage since last autumn, but the global pandemic helped to speed up the development. “We know how useful the game is and how needed it is at the moment for young children, it’s a very uncertain time,” explains BBC Children’s executive editor Rachel Bardill. “The app itself is starting to be used much more than ever because it’s becoming a nice routine for parents to give their children on a daily basis.”

What is becoming noticeable, is how important it is to provide younger children with the toolbox of techniques to help them cope with challenging times.  It is so important to start from the foundations up. The more we can do to support our young Felstedians, the better.  Life is all about opportunities.  Providing our children with skills they need to help them cope with an ever changing world is essential to their wellbeing.