MFL’s Got Talent!

Felsted recently celebrated Internationalism Week, with chapel readings in languages other than English, some new dishes on the menu and the launch of this year’s whole school competition to mark European Day of Languages - the chance to design a logo for next year’s event and have it turned into T Shirts, to be sold all over the continent. 

In the MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) Department, the Lower Sixth linguists assembled for coffee in the library and on Friday 27 September the classroom corridor came to life as the Sixth Form gathered for games and celebrations with a global twist. 
However, the spotlight has really been on our new Year 9 students, who have taken part in a song contest, going head to head against each other delivering lively and loveable performances of a range of songs in French, German and Spanish. 

This year, we have adapted the pathways on offer so that more students than ever before are studying two languages in Year 9. We also have the largest number to date of students picking up a new language from scratch and their enthusiasm and approach to the challenge is a credit to them. 

The whole Department is immensely proud of the work which Year 9 have produced in their first MFL lessons, we are so pleased with their passion and engagement - may it be just the start of a wonderful journey of discovery for them.