Med Soc - Life as a Junior Doctor

By, Amelia M, Ruby R and Zara D, Year 10

On Wednesday 4 March we had an informative talk from Old Felstedian, Prashan (Pesh) Kangesu, (fed04-09) about life as a Junior Doctor and applying to Medical School. He is currently a Core Surgical Trainee in Plastics/ENT surgery at Broomfield. 

During the talk we learnt about the options when you apply to a medical school such as the application process, the grades you need to get there and how to stand out. In doing this we learnt about the four pillars of reflective practice which are useful for talking about work experience, meaning that you focus not on the experience but on what you learnt from it. 

We learnt about all the different routes through university someone can take to medicine such as a 5 year standard or the even more competitive 4 year graduate entry route. We also found out about the different specialties within a hospital as the options are endless; for example, anaesthetics, intensive care, emergency medicine, paediatrics and gynaecology. 

Later he talked about exams once you are in medical school and we learnt the way in which doctors are nationally ranked after medical school (based on their exam results in medical school) and how that determines the amount of choice you get on the location of the hospital you work at within the UK. 

The last thing that we took on board was about the life of a junior doctor, such as the typical hours they work (48 hours maximum per week isn’t the case in reality at all!), the learning process on the job and the time spent outside of the hospital where you can join several sports and other recreational teams. 

It was a very informative and enjoyable talk which showed us a lot about possible medicine careers in the future and all members were grateful for the time given by Pesh.

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