Lower Sixth Induction: Commensality Challenge

We were delighted to welcome Year 11s back into school last week for the first part of the Sixth form Induction. Pupils had the opportunity to try different subject sessions, meet new teachers and also welcome new members of the year group, who will be joining the school in September. 

Year 11s prepare canopes for their lower Sixth Induction challenge

A key part of this year’s program were the afternoon challenge activities. The aim of these were to give students a chance to work collaboratively and creatively, and to put into action the idea that in the Sixth Form, outcomes really are driven by how much each is willing to put in, to encourage one another and to enjoy learning. 

Pupils produced some fantastic ‘cyanotype’ plate designs based on issues of international significance, inspired by Josiah Wedgewood’s anti-slavery protest pottery designs. They also recorded a short musical composition using the ‘sounds of Felsted’ - some were more “musical” than others! Very many thanks to Ms Jackson and the Art team, and Mr Warns and Mr Thear in Music for supporting the pupils. 

To finish the Induction, pupils worked in Houses on the ‘Commensality Challenge’, to produce canapes and mocktails to then serve one another in the LRH. ‘Commensality’ is a theoretical term drawn from Anthropology; it refers to the act of eating together. Anthropologists look at ‘commensality’ in the communities that they work with because the use of food, and sharing food is one of the few universal human actions and so a great way to ‘see inside’ a culture. 

Sharing a meal is a means of welcoming outsiders inside, of conveying social expectations and building relationships within the community. Very many thanks go to the Matrons who worked hard to facilitate pupils in creating some delicious treats that we shared in the LRH. We look forward to more opportunities to share and develop the new Lower Sixth community as we return to school for the next phase of Induction in the Autumn Term. 

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