Learning Language with Netflix

Lower Sixth French A Level student and Language Ambassador Ethan S has been keeping his French up by watching a series on Netflix. Ethan watched the original French version with English subtitles and was really pleased with how much of the French he could follow. 

"A French spoken Netflix series called ‘Into the Night’ begins with a scene in an airport. An Italian soldier is aware of a perilous encounter that every human on the planet will have to endure. Due to scientific reasons, any living organism coming in contact with sunlight instantaneously dies. The soldier hijacks a plane that only has a few passengers on it and proceeds to demand the pilot flies west without fully explaining the reasoning behind it (to avoid the sun). Each passenger plays a key role in helping escape the sunlight; ranging from pit stops to gather food and fuel for the plane. Tension rises when they find out there’s a bunker for survivors across the world and are desperately trying to reach safety. Graphic scenes and suspenseful music throughout the series make it that much more gripping to whoever watches it, with multiple serious and dark (pardon the pun) topics covered ranging from suicide to murderous intent throughout the short series. I would definitely recommend if you enjoy suspenseful, shocking and graphic yet thoroughly entertaining programmes."