Learning German at Felsted Prep 

By Mrs Hitchcock, Head of German at Felsted Prep

In our Autumn Term German lessons, we were delighted to be joined online by Felsted Senior School German Ambassadors, who shared their knowledge of interesting places to visit in Germany and also German Christmas Traditions. 

The Senior School pupils joined the Prep School German classes via Google Meet and we were able to hear their presentations in German, translate what was said and then ask questions to expand our knowledge of German Culture and Geography.

As part of the theme of German Culture, Year 8 have looked at two fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm: die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (The Bremen Town Musicians) and Rotkäppchen (Little Red Riding Hood).  Although we were unable to act out a fairytale, as we have in previous years, all of the pupils took part in a class read through of Rotkäppchen, with narrators, translators, all the cast and extra characters

Beginners’ German By Maia T Year 7

We covered lots of topics in German during the Autumn term, including how to say hello and goodbye, making conversation and learning our numbers from 1-100. Mrs Hitchcock helped us to learn our numbers by setting us a German number sudoku to practise which was great fun. We have also been learning verb endings and focusing on the pronunciation of words.
We also looked at German Traditions: two being St Martin's Day and the Christmas Market.  We were very lucky to have Felsted Senior School pupils, who study German, joining us on Google Meet to give presentations on the Christmas Market and German Christmas traditions. We learned about Krampus who is the helper of St Nikolaus. Groups of Krampus go around the Christmas Market and scare naughty children! German children also leave a shoe outside their door on 5th December and St Nikolaus puts sweets and chocolates inside the shoes.   

At the end of the term we learned about German sweets and biscuits and we have begun a German Language Spelling Bee. I can’t wait to see what we will learn about in the Spring Term